(Deutsch) ICCS Konferenz in Klingenthal, 10.-14.10.2016

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Every second year ICCS & CoGREE organize a colloquy at Klingenthal near Strasbourg. The objective of the event is to learn about current developments in education activities of the Council of Europe and to discuss how to connect our own activities with these. At the colloquy issues and projects of intercultural education and the religious dimension were the focus of the programme. In this context the implementation of the framework document “Signposts – Policy and practice for teaching about religions and non-religious world view in intercultural education” (Robert Jackson) was reported and discussed with experts from different EU countries.

Peter Schreiner (Comenius Institut) invited the project CultureShake to contribute to the cultural and linguistic dimension of the colloquy.

Talk at Klingenthal Colloquy by Dr. Annette Deschner

Photos of the colloqy can be found in the gallery.


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