Intellectual Output 1: Method guide for teachers: Shakespeare in the 21st-century Classroom

Intellectual output 1, “Method guide for teachers: Shakespeare in the 21st-century classroom”, has been created for teachers who would like to include Shakespeare in their language teaching or in their multilingual classroom, but who do not quite know where to start with this. This method guide makes clear why ‘doing’ Shakespeare with language learners is a worthwhile undertaking and how all their pupils can profit from it, including those with multilingual backgrounds.

Shakespeare in the 21st-Century Classroom – A Method Guide
Shakespeare im Unterricht des 21. Jahrhunderts – Ein Methodenkompendium für Lehrer
Shakespeare i 2000-talets klassrum – En metodguide för lärare
Shakespeare v učilnici 21. stoletja – Priročnik za učitelje

Classroom Activities

Rehearsing in Shakespeare’s Theatre – Cue Scripts
A Midsummer Night’s Dream – Soundscape
A Midsummer Night’s Dream – Magical Creatures
A Midsummer Night’s Dream – Language Politics
A Midsummer Night’s Dream – Fairy Battle
A Midsummer Night’s Dream – Cue Script Demetrius and Helena
The Tempest – You Taught Me Language
The Tempest – Home and Exile


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