Multiplier Event at the University of Primorska March 23th, 2019

In all the four participating countries of the CultureShake project Multiplier Events took place. The CultureShake Multiplier Event in Slovenia was hosted by the University of Primorska in March 2019. At the event national and international guests participated. They were expert in language research, but there were also practitioners and students present. The latter were mainly interested in the project outcomes.

At the beginning of the day participants were welcomed and introduced to the origin and scope of the project including the EU topics, priorities and major whitepapers and documents on education. In the afternoon all the intellectual outputs were presented. The outcomes of the project were well received and followed by discussions and suggestions for transfer to other fields of education. During lunch and coffee breaks material from the project such as language biographies and examples from local culture were displayed. The participants expressed a strong interest in a follow-up and to keep in touch. At the close of the meeting the reception with a poster session was held. A workshop was also prepared and experts from the software company Amebis were also present. Within the multiplier event the participant had the opportunity to test the online dictionary. The participants were impressed by the innovative approaches, material and ideas of the project.

Multiplier Event Programme
Multiplier Presentation: Building Cultural Bridges
Multiplier Presentation: CUSHA Dictionary


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