Intellectual Output 2: CUSHA Online Dictionary

Intellectual Output 2, “CUSHA Online Dictionary Compilation”, develops a concept for progressing an online dictionary in the classroom. With this concept teachers familiarise with a studentcentred production, process and usage of an online dictionary.

Guidelines for compilation of the Shakespeare Terminological Dictionary – CUSHA Dictionary
Leitfaden für die Zusammenstellung des terminologischen Shakespeare Wörterbuchs – CUSHA Wörterbuch
Riktlinjer för sammanställningen av Shakespeares terminologiska ordbok – CUSHA ordboken
Smernice za pripravo Shakespearovega terminološkega slovarja – CUSHA Dictionary
Linee guida per la compilazione del dizionario terminologico di Shakespeare – Dizionario CUSHA

CUSHA Online dictionary

CUSHA dictionary (examples for search: angel, bade, bless thee, fairy, hand, scalp, thou)


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