4th transnational project meeting

at the University of Primorska in Koper (Slovenia) from 04/12 to 06/12/2018

During this transnational meeting the following Erasmus+ project topics were worked on:

  • Exchange and reports on latest developments concerning dissemination and impact: partners described their activities
  • Intellectual outputs: set up of QA circle, organisation of translation process, agreement on layout
  • Discussion of project evaluation results
  • Preparation of the fifth transnational project meeting in June 2019
  • Design of multiplier events
  • Discussion of upcoming eTwinning events
  • Discussion of sustainability concepts
  • Strategies for intensifying dissemination
  • Report on annual PAD meeting 2018 with focus on impact
  • Impact exercise

With the impact exercise we visualized the high impact of “CultureShake” in different areas from the home organisations to international research. This exercise was provided by the PAD at the annual meeting in 2018.


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