Multiplier Event at the University of Education Karlsruhe (PH), May 17th, 2019

In all the four participating countries of the CultureShake project Multiplier Events took place. The CultureShake Multiplier Event in Germany was hosted by the University of Education Karlsruhe.

National and international guests from Belgium, Sweden and the US took part in this event. It was an expert group of researchers and practitioners, who were interested in the outcomes of the project.

At the beginning of the day participants were welcomed and introduced to the origin and scope of the project including the EU topics, priorities and major whitepapers and documents on education. In the afternoon all the intellectual outputs were presented. The outcomes of the project were well received and followed by discussions and suggestions for transfer to other fields of education. During lunch and coffee breaks material from the project such as language biographies and examples from local culture were displayed. The participants expressed a strong interest in a follow-up and to keep in touch. At the close of the meeting the reception with a poster session was held.

The delegates were impressed by innovative approaches, material and ideas of the project.

Here are some statements:

  • “CultureShake is an IRL and virtual exchange. I wished I was a student nowadays so that I could participate in these informative and entertaining acticities. A geocache can also be literature!” (Petra Lindberg Hultén, Sweden)
  • “Innovative thoughts for language learning; new ways of experiencing Shakespeare and keeping his works alive” (Susanne Johannsson, Sweden)
  • The international exchange and the exchange between the different German institutions were an asset, e.g. the approach of primary teachers to multilingual classes is different to the one of grammar school teachers. A range of inspiring ideas for school exchanges was presented (virtual and face-to-face; project oriented…) – Shakespeare is alive! (Inge Straß, Germany)
  • Thank you very much for the opportunity to take part in this Multiplier Event. This was my first encounter with the multi-national CultureShake-network. I am very impressed about the diverse and creative ways to engage the youth with Shakespeare – or rather let them “encounter”. The “Old Master” Shakespeare is not dated at all and can still motivate the youth. (Ulrike Fuß, Germany)
  • Thank you for the lovely session. There were a great many ideas shared. Many educators from different countries were enriched. I would have never thought of so many creative ways to engage students via Shakespeare. (Rebecca Allen, US)
  • CultureShake offered us such an incredible opportunity to learn from and share with many subject experts from different fields. I enjoyed learning about the different approaches and practices that CUSHA has utilized to engage students. The program´s ideas were very innovative and it was a pleasure to learn from everyone. Thank you so much for including us! We have many ideas to take back to the United States. (Jackie Roberts, US)
Invitation to Multiplier Event
Multiplier Presentation: Overview on CultureShake
Multiplier Presentation: Language Biography
Multiplier Presentation: Intellectual Output 1 (IO1)
Example classroom activity of IO1
Multiplier Presentation: Intellectual Output 2 (IO2)
Multiplier Presentation: Intellectual Output 3 (IO3)
Multiplier Presentation: Intellectual Output 4 (IO4)
Poster: CultureShake


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