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The English School Gothenburg, ESG, is based in the west of the city having moved to its current site in the early 90’s. The school has recently completed a major building program that has produced a modern learning environment with excellent new technology. We are a Swedish “friskola”, meaning that whilst we retain an independence we are subject to the Swedish law and curriculum. The school is publicly funded and there are no fees charged for attending the school.

ESG is a small and friendly school. The children can start with us at the age of three and stay with us until sixteen. There are up to forty-four children in a year group meaning that staff know all the children on a personal level. The school achieves excellent results academically, reflecting the hard work of the students and teachers and the calm studious atmosphere that exists in the school. The students leave us with a particular strength in English but also have good Swedish and at least one other language. Our aim is that students leave us bilingual, enabling them to study and work in the future in Swedish or English and have developed good study habits with which to do this.

The families come from all over the world. Amongst the staff there is at least 20 nationalities and amongst the families there are more than forty nationalities and languages. It is a healthy mix of cultures and religions that we find works very well.

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Twelve students from the year 6 grade at ESG will participate in an exchange with students from the Friedrich-Wöhler-Gymnasium in Singen, Germany. Within CUSHA, ESG is responsible for the workshop phase in Gothenburg (autumn 2018) and for producing intellectual outcomes for the project.
The ESG project team consists of Andrew Potter (Head teacher at ESG, project administration), Vivian Hunt (ICT responsibility), Clare Skoglund (senior teacher) and Chloe Bye (teacher).


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