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The series of learning activities is composed according to the string of project objectives:
• to bridge the gap between theory and practice in reference to cultural education
• to promote multilingualism
• to enhance digital learning
• to strengthen the teaching profile
• to develop the European dimension in education particularly through the multilingual focus
• to use the transnational expertise of the project members
• to encourage the best use of results, innovative products and processes
• to produce sustainable development of cooperation between the partner countries and institutions in the field of education

The added value of the learning activities is ensured by the different settings of the activities with its specific focus on working on the topic. Pupils can communicate their findings in different national settings and reflect on the reactions. The red thread is the production of the intellectual output “Peer Teaching Material” (O3). The learning activities keep pupils engaged with their quest because they can adapt it to different situations, experience an authentic environment, test it and share it with others. These learning activities go far beyond touristic features of binational exchanges because pupils work together in transnational teams on a project. Residential courses provided by the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust (SBT) are a very special asset to the learning activities because pupils meet authentic people engaged professionally with Shakespeare’s life and work at the authentic location Stratford. They dive into this as they work and live there, visit the archives and do their own research on the translations in their mother tongues. This is framed with theatre workshops by actors and the pupils mingle in the international crowd coming to Stratford, the Shakespeare place.

  • first learning activity in Singen, Germany (08/05 – 12/05/2017)


  • Vortrag "Revitalization of Italian language" bei der Clarc conference in Rijeka, Kroatien, vom 8.-10.Juni 2018.
  • Poster "CultureShake: A Multilingual and Transcultural Research and Learning Project" von Dr. Annette Deschner auf der Edulearn18 Konferenz in Palma de Mallorca, Spanien.
  • Das ESG wird 60 Jahre alt. Es wurde 1958 gegründet und hatte damals 5 englische und 2 argentinische SchülerInnen - heute sind es mehr als 500 mit mehr als 40 Nationalitäten. Die Geburtstagsfeier findet im Herbst statt.